Tea bath bombs

Christmas tea bath bombs

We've been umming and ahing about what to make for Christmas this year. Being fans of home-made Christmas presents we decided to create something we could gift to others as well as something to treat ourselves with too. We settled on bath bombs as our Lush habit can be a bit costly this time of year when … Continue reading Christmas tea bath bombs


T2 – Joy 2 the Wild

If you have been following our blog over the last couple of years you may have seen our Christmas tea advent DIY or our love of Christmas tea blends so you can imagine our delight when we were invited by T2 to attend a preview event of their Christmas collection, Joy 2 the Wild. This was … Continue reading T2 – Joy 2 the Wild

David’s Tea…

Whilst Kate was on her travels she simply couldn't resist a trip (or two...) the well known David's Tea who have remained pretty elusive to us here at Bugs & Birds due to not shipping outside the U.S and Canada. It goes without saying that Becca wasn't prepared to let Kate back into the country without … Continue reading David’s Tea…