Mermaid matcha cheesecake (vegan)

We've been really keen to try a vegan cheesecake since we started the blog and when Bluebird Tea Co. sent us matcha from their latest collection we decided to give it a go. This recipe is for a vegan no-bake coconut cheesecake using Mermaid matcha which contains blue pea flowers giving it this gorgeous turquoise hue! … Continue reading Mermaid matcha cheesecake (vegan)


Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate and Banana Muffins

Don't you find once your bananas pass their perfect ripeness they just sit there uneaten and then eventually thrown out? This is exactly what happens in our houses so recently to save them going to waste we have been using them to make this yummy chai infused banana bread with the added naughtiness of chocolate … Continue reading Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate and Banana Muffins