Hello! This is a blog about tea, crafting and the odd adventure here and there.

We’ve been crafting, exploring and drinking tea together for the past couple of years and wanted to share some of our experiences as we discover new things and improve our crafting skills! Here you can find reviews of our favourite tea and the best places to drink it (along with a slice of cake or two…), sharing new makers, workshops and online tutorials we discover and trying new crafts and learning to sew along the way. We’re by no means experts but we’re honest, we’ll share our struggles, successes and disasters and we hope you’ll be inspired to try something new too!

Who are Bugs & Birds

Becca (Bugs)

Becca (bugs)As you may have guessed, I have a slight obsession with collecting items with beetles, bugs and butterflies on! Working in London, I love escaping back to the countryside at the end of every day and spend a lot of time with my walking boots on! I sewed my first item of clothing this year (an exciting but testing experience…) but have not been put off! You’ll find me with my beetle and bumblebee stamps from The English Stamp Company, stamping anything and everything I can!

Currently Drinking: Bluebird Tea Co. Pudina Chai
Currently Crafting: Trying my hand at embroidering fabric

Kate (Birds)

So I am the bird enthusiast; birds in my garden, bird print on fabric, IMG_0181-0illustrations of birds, bird houses… you get the idea! When I’m not obsessing over birds you can find me walking my dogs, experimenting in the kitchen, tending to the veg in my garden or working up a sweat down the gym – generally anything to prepare me for the zombie apocalypse!

Currently Drinking: We Are Tea. Morroccan Mint Green Tea.                              Currently Crafting: Attempting to knit a rug!


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