tea india ayurvedic tea

Tea India Ayurvedic Range

Recently Tea India very kindly send us their latest Ayurvedic tea range to try. Bright and beautifully packaged this range was launched just in time for summer detoxing and cleanses but there is far more to these blends than just pretty packaging and health gimmicks.

tea india ayurvedic tea

Tea India have teamed up with Ayurvedic practitioner Geeta Vara to develop this range that when paired with your prakruti (mind-body type) can nurture your holistic balance. Prakruti are based on three dosha types (bio-energetic forces that work together to keep mind and body in alignment and therefore health). Tea India have developed a quiz to help you figure out which dosha you are and which is your perfect tea BUT if this isn’t for you just go for whichever blend appeals to you!

What about the taste? In our experience sometimes teas with health benefits sacrifice health properties for taste, whilst we are passionate about healthy lifestyles amazing tasting tea generally comes first! When we read the ingredients for these blends we were worried to see that the blends contain fennel or liquorice root – both of which we usually aren’t keen on tasting in our tea. The good news is these flavours are beautifully subtle and certainly don’t overpower the blend, for example Peace and Calm comes across as a slightly more herbal version of a mint tea and mint-fanatic Kate happily sips on this in replacement of her usual morning cuppa.

If you want to try a turmeric blend but aren’t keen on the slightly bitter taste of pure turmeric, Vitality and Energy is a great herbal alternative. The cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom give this a bit of a kick and the added liquorice root (which were normally not too keen on) sweetens the tea perfectly. This really is a tea with benefits. Third blend, Harmony and Balance is spicy with tulsi, fennel, cinnamon and ginger. The cinnamon is a winner here for Becca, complementing the fiery ginger and providing a great stomach settler, whilst a touch of peppermint keeps it fresh.


What are your thoughts on teas with health benefits? Do they attract you or turn you off? We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on any of your favourites.

*Please note whist we were gifted these teas all thoughts and opinions are our own and we were not paid to write this review.

Kate & Becca


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