Summer style picks

Last week the British weather taunted us with a few days of glorious sunshine before reverting back to hail storms and April showers. We took this as a sign from the sun gods that we should sort out our summer wardrobes! After doing our spring style picks waayyy back in January we though we had better get a move on and share our summer picks with you!

Kate: This summer I am all about one pieces that are easy to throw on without having to rifle through my wardrobe to find things that go together, who has time for that?! So on my summer wishlist is this gorgeous relaxed Black Linen Jumpsuit, handmade by Offon (£88.21), this Micah Stripe Dress by Roolee ($54.99) and for those special occasions this Zara Patchwork Print Dress (£69.99). I love this Toast Ikat Cropped Jacket for when you need a little something to throw over your shoulders (£185).



For those rare scorching days when you can barely wear clothes I think this Moon River Jumpsuit (£75) would be perfect. For beach days i’ll be sporting this ‘Frihet’ Freedom Fair Trade Bag from Lines & Current (£26) this bag supports a really great cause so I would highly recommend clicking on the link and finding out more. To finish off my beach outfit i’ll happily throw a kimono on over this gorgeous Iya Bikini from Toast (£100), pop on these Vegan Birkenstocks (£60) and this Straw Fedora (£17) from & Other Stories to keep the sun off my face. 



Becca:I’ve got a lot of (outdoor) weddings to go to this summer and that means lots of summer wedding outfits to put together. Issue is that there is so much choice out there, where do you start? I’m really liking these soft romantic dresses that still provide some coverage so they’re cool in the sun but sleeves keep you warm into the evening (and during potential rain showers…). I love this watch from Olivia Burton (£115) and it’s a great place to start when planning an outfit. This green print tea dress (£69), yellow floral floaty maxi (£120) and a bright coral print pleated midi (£95) are all in my top wedding guest picks, or I might go for this amazing printed jumpsuit (£40 ASOS sale)



For hot summer days these loose fit embroidered mini dresses are just perfect and if you’re lucky enough to get some sun on the beach, you can throw them over a swimsuit or bikini. I love this white cotton tropical version from Other Stories (£59) or this black lightweight dress from People Tree (£95). For cooler evenings, this Gung Ho bumblebee embroidered sweatshirt (£95) will go perfectly with this bee necklace from Lily Rose (£32 sale) or for something a little more dressy, this amazing kimono from Selected (£110) has my vote.



What wardrobe stables are you counting on to get you through the hot summer days when they arrive?

Kate & Becca


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