National Tea Day: Fes-Tea-Val

We both love a good festival, good music, camping out, an excuse to eat fast food for days on end and the inevitable silent discos! However, sometimes you need a slightly more grown-up day out, so when we heard about Fes-Tea-Val for National Tea Day we simply had to go and experience this civilised event for ourselves!

At last the English weather decided to grant us a few days of sunny bliss just in time. Set in the beautiful grounds of Chiswick house and gardens we excited to get our tea-dresses on and drink our bellies full. For those not so keen on tea there were lots of other things to be enjoyed with almost as many sweet-treat and gin stands as there were tea stalls.

Here are the highlights from our day out…

The grounds of Chiswick House and Gardens are simply stunning and we would highly recommend allowing exploring them – we’ll definitely be back! We were sad we couldn’t get into the glass house to explore and instead just gawked longingly through the windows…

Tea glorious tea! There were so many tea companies at Fes-Tea-Val (stating the obvious) but we were surprised at the mix of large and very small start up brands. Representation for the more middle sized tea company seemed to be missing and we were disappointed not to see some of our favourite brands there but all the free tea more than made up for that!

The Tea Circle have just launched their Kickstarter campaign for their design-your-own-tea service. We just loved Newby’s beautiful packaging and they were giving away entire cups of tea for free so we were very pleased. We were straight on their website creating a payday wishlist.

Bit Infusion have just launched their unique fruit tea infusions with edible dried fruit which was a really interesting concept and strengthened the blends. A little out of our price range but nice for a special tream. NEMI tea’s packaging caught our eye straight away and their company ethos is just incredible. They employ refugees to run their tea stalls to help them with future employment prospects and their tea is all fair-trade.

Tipple Tail’s fruitcake was utterly delicious, we fell for their branding and their gorgeous giftsets with Birdhouse Tea in them! MD Tea’s tea infused shortbread looked delicious as well but we were very good and managed to not buy any.

Choi Time‘s stand was beautiful as to be expected with flowering teas a rosebuds. What appears to be a new craze of ‘tea for kids’ meant there were a couple of stands selling child-friendly teas. Big kids at heart, these Tom’s Teas are going on our wishlist! They taste like healthy squash with no sugar added just yummy caffeine-free tea. The packaging was just fab as well.

Surprisingly there were lots of gin companies with stalls and so many we would have loved to purchased bottles from… Becca managed to sample about 12 different types which left her feeling slightly tipsy! We’re going to order some mini bottles for the next girls night.

And a special mention has to go to our incredible lunch: vegan burgers with matcha buns from The Green Grill. They were SO TASTY (if not a little messy to eat but worth every bite!). We also got to meet fellow Bluebird Tea Co. rep Amy of AmyLeeCupofTea fame (follow her on Instagram here) which was just lovely to be able to put a face to the name and meet one of our fellow tea-lovers IRL.


We hope you all had a wonderful National Tea Day! Let us know what blends you’ve been sipping to celebrate!

Becca & Kate


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