Bluebird Tea Co. spring tea blends

There are lots of positives to spring: warmer weather, spring blooms, a new collection of tea from Bluebird Tea Co.. With the wintery weather we’ve been having recently we’ve been struggling to think of sunny days and all of the things we’ve listed above, but these springtime blends are helping us see past the snow and enjoy a taste of spring.

Peach Cobbler

Ingredients: Sri lankan black tea, freeze-dried peach, pink cornflowers, natural flavouring.

Fruity peach with a sweetness like pie, this tea blend has made it into our favourites especially as a latte. It’s incredible with Rebel Kitchen’s plant based Mylk and a tip from Bluebird Tea Co. HQ: sprinkle hobnobs on top.

Rice Pudding & Jam

Ingredients: Apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, Taiwanese Oolong, Chinese White Tea, cinnamon, desiccated coconut, blackcurrant leaves, natural flavouring.

Never have we ever had a tea that tastes so much like delicious strawberry jam. A strong fruity blend that has sweetness from the cinnamon and coconut making it both refreshing and comforting at the same time.

Mint Pistachio

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, peppermint, cardamom, natural flavouring.

This mint pistachio blend is sweet, minty and spicy all at the same time and can be taken with or without milk. It reminds us of ice cream and we can’t wait to try it as an iced latte.

Raspberry liquorice laces

Ingredients: Hibiscus, liquorice, apple pieces, rosehip, aniseed, freeze-dried raspberry, raspberry leaves, natural flavouring.

This is a perfect guilt-free version of one of our favourite childhood (or even adulthood) sweets. Alongside fruity raspberry and apple, the liquorice doesn’t overpower this blend which is perfect for those who aren’t keen on super strong liquorice flavours.

Have you tried any of these teas yet? Don’t forget you can get 20% off your first Bluebird Tea Co order using code bugteabird54. 

Kate & Becca


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