The newsletters we love to read…

Recently we’ve found ourselves craving slightly more than a scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning, and have been turning to our favourite bloggers and Instagram gals newsletters instead for our spare 5 minutes reading. Packed full of inspiration, wishlist finds and links to interesting articles these are our favourite longer reads of the moment. Grab a quick cuppa and enjoy…

Betty’s Monday Motivator

We’ve long been fans of Charlotte Jacklin’s blog and Instagram (and previously in print) Betty Magazine and can’t wait to receive her newsletter each week. Perfect reading on our Monday morning cuppa before work there’s plenty of new Instagram accounts to follow and things to add to our wishlist. If you are a fan we highly recommend Charlotte’s new podcast with gal pal Liv Pervis – The Fringe Of It – it is literally like driving around chatting with your girlfriends in the car!

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Slow Sunday Club

The lovely Allie from Rush & Teal started Slow Sunday Club when she realised she wanted to send out a newsletter that was something more than just a regular update to her blog. #slowsundayclub was born and is a weekly drop of inspiration to take time and enjoy over a cup of tea. This newsletter is crammed full of links to thought provoking articles, recipes of homely treats and ideas on what to do with the most chilled day of the week.

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Sas Petherick’s Notes From The Path 

Sas is a life coach for helping the modern-day women cultivate self-belief, overcome self-doubt and helping people find confidence in their path. Whilst coaching isn’t for everyone Sas offers insights in the form of her newsletters monthly, sharing stories from her own life and relating them into everyday useful resources for her reader.

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Blue Jay Of Happiness

Kat, the lady behind Blue Jay of Happiness set out to create a safe space with her website, somewhere to go to feel inspired, empowered and find the tools to look after yourself – body and mind. Kat’s newsletter contains her musings on a different subject each month, all very current and relevant in day to day, Kat leaves you with food for thought to take away and mull over and with some brilliant resources to help you stay happy and healthy.

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We are aware that some people don’t like the idea of cluttering up their inboxes so we would love to hear your thoughts on newsletters – love them or loathe them? We love them and we are always on the lookout for new things to read so would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite newsletters!

Becca & Kate


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