Home office inspo

After a break from all the DIY we did last year, we’ve both embarked on a big project overhauling our office/study/spare rooms in our houses. Here is some of the inspiration we’ve been using for our rooms…


Generally me and my Mr. have stuck with a neutral light and airy theme for our little house. We found a shade of paint we liked and pretty much painted the whole place with it until we came to paint the home office – the colour was out of stock (AGH!). Both hopped up on caffeine, we randomly chose a dark grey and just went for it! I still want this room to come across fresh and airy so will be keeping it minimal in decor with natural wood and light finishing touches including lots of greenery of course!

Home office inspiration moodboard

This room has been decorated on a budget so I’ll be recovering an old Parka Knolls chair I found in my mother-in-laws garage and up-cycling some birch branches into a floor lamp to create the perfect corner reading nook. We have so much artwork waiting to go up that I’ll be getting the Mr. to put up lots of picture rails to put it all on.


I’ve been lusting over these sage green walls and if we hadn’t bit the bullet and painted our bedroom dark blue we would have gone with a green like this. It’s my new favourite colour and I would quite happily paint the whole house in it!

Home office inspiration moodboard

I can’t help but add a pop of yellow in the form of a rug and will be updating my furniture with dusky pink throws. I am also nagging the hubs into making me a fancy cupboard to hide away my ugly printer and all the spare cables. A while ago he made me a version of these IKEA Kallax shelves which is great as it means all the IKEA accessories fit! I’ll be updating mine with some grown-up wicker baskets and new binder files to tidy away all my paperwork. The final touch as always is plenty of plants (any excuse for some plant shopping!).

You can see our home decor inspiration in more detail over on Pinterest and do let us know if you’ve been getting up to any DIY projects of your own in the comments below.

Becca & Kate


2 thoughts on “Home office inspo

  1. iwannabealady says:

    I love nature inspired design. My favorite of the two collages will have to be the first one. I can’t turn away from green and pink, and I love the vintage vibe as my house is filled with that as well.


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