New Year doesn’t have to mean New You

I love celebrating the new year as much as the next person but just because the calendar resets doesn’t mean we have to, a new year doesn’t have to be a new you! This year I am resolving not to make new year resolutions that will only end in me feeling like a failure and instead choosing achievable intentions that will enhance my life! It can simply be the same old you with some good intentions added! I wanted to share with you some good intentions I love the sound of…

Veganuary. Ditching the dairy full time may not be for you but why not give it a try for just a month? You will save money, help the environment AND you might even feel great for it! Check out this amazing resource for everything you need to know and if you decide to give it a go you get a free cookbook to help you get started!


Book challenge. Do you love books but struggle to find the time to sit down and actually read them? Sometimes a little bit of motivation can help kick-start your intention so why not head over to Goodreads and sign up to their 2018 book challenge? You can decide how many books you want to get through, monitor your progress and even compete against friends if that’s your sort of thing!

Device free time. How dependant are you on your devices? Why not ditch you devices for a day a week, an hour a day, at dinner time and embrace what is happening in the room in front of you right now?! To some people this won’t be a problem but we’ve all been at restaurants and seen the family/couples who spend the whole time on their phone and barely even speak to each other.


Write 10,000 Words ... in a month! Sounds like a lot? That’s 350 a day, apparently most of us have a book in us (whether or not it should be exposed to the world is a different matter) but if you feel like you have a book inside you itching to get out this is a great challenge to help you get pen to paper… or fingers to keypad. Chapter Buzz do twice yearly challenges where you can post your word count and/or your writing for critiquing…. if you want!

Move! This doesn’t have to mean going for a run it can be doing some simple stretches when you get up in the morning or going for a walk instead of watching that program on TV that you aren’t really bothered about. Research recently showed how much time people spend sitting… in their car, in front of the TV, at a desk… getting moving has so many physical and mental health benefits!


Buy ethically. Pay attention to what you are buying, this is something I kicked off ages ago switching mostly to cruelty free home and self care products but in 2018 the aim is to extend that to my wardrobe too. Opting for an ethically sourced capsule wardrobe instead of 5 wardrobes of clothes that will last 5 minutes and have not come from an ethical source.

I hope these ideas might give you some inspiration moving into the new year! Have you made any new years resolutions? If so I would like to hear them!

Kate x


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