Learn to read your tea leaves

Read your tea leaves.

With 2018 just around the corner we thought you might like a bit of fortune telling to give you a hint of what might be waiting for you in the new year and of course reading your tea leaves is the best way to do that! Plus after a recent episode of peaky blinders we were feeling inspired to try a bit of tasseography ourselves (disclaimer – if you have seen the Peaky Blinders episode we are talking about we cannot guarantee reading your tea leaves is a reliable form of pregnancy testing!)


In case you didn’t know, tasseography or reading tea leaves is an old school form of fortune-telling by interpreting patterns of the leaves in your cup. You can actually try it out with things other than tea leaves, like coffee grounds or wine sediments (but we can’t understand why anyone would use anything other than tea!). If this isn’t your kind of thing you may want to look at it from a different perspective, tasseography can be a mindful practice and a useful way of visualising what is going on in your life and help you figure out want you really want and your own solutions – just a thought!

Getting started; Select a wide, shallow cup – tea cups are better than mugs for this, choosing one with pale walls will help you be able to see where your leaves are laying. Brew your tea, any tea that takes your fancy just bear in mind finer tea leaves are easier to read this is why we chose a rooibos. Whilst your tea is brewing quieten your mind and focus on clearing your head, enabling a meditative state almost. Ensure you set a timer for your tea, noone likes an overbrewed cuppa and we don’t know how well that would bode for your future!


Drink your tea! Mmmm yum! Now this is where Lizzie went wrong in Peaky Blinders she just poured it away! Sip your tea slowly whilst focusing on what you want answered, if you haven’t got a specific question then it can be a general reading. Make sure you leave a little bit of liquid in the bottom of the cup. Swirl the liquid and leaves around the cup three times and turn the cup gently upside down on the saucer, allow the remaining tea to drain out before turning the cup back upright.

What does it all mean? The handle represents the person who the reading is about, to the right at the rim of the cup is the present and to the left the past, the whole way round the bowl working downwards progresses gradually into the future with the bowl of the cup representing distant future and outcomes. Got it?!


Symbols will relate to your life in the time-frame designated by their position in the cup bowl and this is where it gets a bit interpretive. Some sources we have looked at have very set meanings for certain symbols and others suggest the meaning are much more personal to what that symbol means to you in your life. Above you can see we have included some of our favourite symbol suggestions linking to their original source to get you started! Also worth bearing in mind is symbols that are close to each other may have interacting meanings but lets not over-complicate this!


Kate’s reading; In the photos you can see Kate’s reading, this was a general reading with no specific question asked. By the handle the leaves form a silhouette of a heart (see pic below right), as the handle is representing your life and home Kate interpreted this as there is lots of love in her life. Working clockwise around the cup the ‘past’ area is quite busy with no symbols really standing out. In the ‘present’ area the leaves form the shape of an origami bird, this was something Kate had hundreds of at her wedding as they represent good fortune in a marriage so this could be representing a happy marriage. Lower down moving into the future the leaves form a smiley face which could be interpreted as happiness ahead. But then not a lot of leaves in the bottom, this could mean that Kate’s future is still to be decided or that the cup was left upside down for too long!


This was a fun activity to play around with and is certainly something we will try out with friends at parties! Let us know how you got on if you tried this yourself, or has someone ever read your tea leaves for you? We would love to hear about your experience!

Kate & Becca.


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