Christmas gift ideas for him & her

As many of you will have seen by previous Christmas posts we just LOVE a handmade Christmas and here is a round-up of our top 5 handmade Christmas gifts. If you aren’t super crafty don’t stop reading just yet – we have some super easy options for the less crafty among us!

Christmas Bathbombs – you may have seen this post a couple of weeks ago, we love a festive bath bomb! Add glitter for that extra special sparkle and the tea is optional!

Body Scrubs – We always make our own body scrubs, it is so easy and way more cost effective! You can personalise it to the person you are giving it to by adding their favourite scents and decorate the jar to give it that Christmas wow factor! Again – our DIY adds tea to the recipe but this is optional!


We love being indulgent at Christmas so why not bake all your favourite recipes, add some extra cinnamon and make sweet-treat hampers for your friends? We would put these Meringue Kisses in with some decadent Brownies and some Turkish Delight to top it off!

Everyone loves a good magazine don’t they? It can’t be just us that hates to throw old magazines away? We think this Copper Magazine Stand makes a great gift, vary the fabric according to the taste of whoever its for!


Give the gift of greenery, who doesn’t love a plant?! Especially a plant wrapped in moss and string that can be hung as an ornament! We love making these little kokedama as gifts that will grow and change over time.

Canine Cookies – Last but not least, for those friends with special canine chums we like to make a little something to keep them from feeling left out at Christmas and trust us – they will be sniffing these out from under the tree! Again as with all our DIY’s – the tea is optional.


There are so many benefits to a handmade Christmas, it shows your loved ones the thought and effort you put into their gift, it’s fun to make stuff! Plus it is a little more bank account friendly so hopefully you will have some money left over for those Boxing Day sales!

What are your favourite handmade gifts to make?

Kate & Becca


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