Tea bath bombs

Christmas tea bath bombs

We’ve been umming and ahing about what to make for Christmas this year. Being fans of home-made Christmas presents we decided to create something we could gift to others as well as something to treat ourselves with too. We settled on bath bombs as our Lush habit can be a bit costly this time of year when extra hot soaks in baths are needed to warm us up after chilly days! These bath bombs contain tea (of course) which is good to soak in for for multiple reasons including having therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. Just please don’t drink the bath water, make yourself a separate cuppa instead! Follow our DIY below to make your own…

Christmas Tea Bath Bombs

  • Servings: Makes 10-12 bath bombs
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print
Tea bath bombs


    • 3 teaspoons Bluebird Tea Co. Christmas Tea or blend of your choice
    • 600g Bicarbonate of Soda
    • 200g Citric Acid
    • 10ml of fragrance or essential Oil – we used Christmas spice and cinnamon essential oils
    • Powdered colour (or food colouring)
    • You’ll also need:
    • A large mixing bowl
    • Gloves to protect your hands
    • Kitchen scales
    • Moulds for your bath bombs (or we also used a muffin tray)
    • A spray bottle filled with cold water (or we used cold brewed tea!)


  1. Prepare your moulds or trays by sprinkling some of your chosen tea in the bottom of the moulds.
  2. Measure 600g of Bicarbonate of Soda and 200g of Citric acid into your mixing bowl and mix well until the powder is evenly distributed.
  3. Add in your coloured powder a pinch at a time and mix well until you have the desired colour and there are no lumps. It will darken slightly when you add the liquid later. If using food colouring mix it in quickly as it may start to fizz when added.
  4. Measure 10ml of your fragrance/essential oils into the mixture. Some oils may cause the mixture to fizz but if this happens just mix in quickly and evenly. The mixture will begin to set so it’s best not to leave it to stand.
  5. Using your hands keep working the mixture whilst spraying a little water on bit by bit. Only add enough water to get the mixture to hold together in your hands and not crumble. We sprayed our mixture about 10-14 times to get it to the right consistency. Keep testing after each spray.
  6. Once your mixture is the right consistency and holding together compress the mixture into the moulds you’re using. If you’re using bath bomb moulds with two halves, fill each half slightly higher than the surface and press together for a few seconds.
  7. Leave to set for 20-30mins. Once hardened you can remove from the mould and leave to dry out. If they haven’t hardened leave them for a little longer in their moulds.

Because we’re tea mad, we used cold-brewed tea to spray our mixture with rather than just water for that extra tea twist but this isn’t needed.

We bought most of our ingredients and our bath bomb moulds from The Soap Kitchen who have a huge selection of moulds and coloured powders to make your own soaps and bath bombs. Our tea came from the wonderful Bluebird Tea Co. (don’t forget when you buy tea, you can get 20% off your first order using code: bugteabird54).

Do you like to get crafty when it comes to gift making? We would love to hear what you make!

Kate & Becca x



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