Rebecca Louise Law Life In Death

Rebecca Louise Law & Kew Gardens 

You may remember a while back ago Becca and I went to Rebecca Louise Law’s ‘City Garden’ installation at Guild Hall’s gallery The City Centre. Ever since I have been an avid follower of Rebecca’s work and when I saw she had an installation at Kew Gardens, and her largest installation to date, I took the first opportunity I had to pay the exhibition a visit.

I have also been itching to check out Kew Gardens for ages and was excited to use this as an excuse to explore. My husband and I were staying in London for the weekend for another drum show (#drummerswifelife!) just a few stops away from Kew so the whole thing was clearly meant to be!

Kew is such a beautiful garden and a phenomenal place to witness autumn on mass as most of it was a sea of leaves changing hue from bright reds and oranges to earthy autumnal browns.

The Palm House is breathtaking, I raced there first excited to view the stunning Victorian glasshouse from the balcony platforms only to get halfway up the beautiful wrought iron spiral staircase when vertigo took over 😭. It’s OK though – Becca has promised to go back with me and drag me up the stairs!

The waterlily house lifted my spirits after this disappointment, a humid botanical sanctuary in a smaller glasshouse was such a beautiful little surprise and a welcome break away from the hoards of Sunday visitors.

Life In Death…prepare for lots of photos!…

This installation contains 1000 garlands inspired by Egyptian flower garlands, each garland is made from preserved flowers making this installation slightly different from the city garden installation in that it doesn’t have the beautiful smell and the flowers won’t dry and change, even so it is just as beautiful.

What truly astounded me is that the flowers were dried and preserved over six years from the artists own personal collection of flowers and plants!

The enchanting view changes as you wander along the path that the creator carved through it. At times you are surrounded by dusky yellowed grasses and in other parts you are surrounded by bright floral hues of reds, oranges and pinks.

Life in Death is based in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery and will be there until 11th March 2018, the price of admission is included in the cost of a general admission ticket for Kew.

I will most definitely be going back for another look before the installation is removed and to further explore Kew. Have you been? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Kate x




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