Lusting after… IKEA edition

So recently we took a trip to IKEA but left our bank cards at home; a condition set by the husband due to extreme lack of control whilst in the Swedish homestore. To try and control our cravings we decided to put together an ultimate wishlist created whilst on site and came away with a full iphone camera roll, a newly invented ‘squealometer’ (which determines the necessity of said items) and a few bits and pieces, including the standard boring baking tray…

If you’ve read Becca’s recent post on painting her bedroom dark blue you’ll have seen that she’s been bitten by the dark paint bug and these rooms in IKEA haven’t helped. Read more on the IKEA ideas blog to recreate these looks yourself.

Becca already has a similar lampshade in white and copper from a past IKEA trip but these are so dramatic and we love all the different colours.  NYMÖ Lamp shade £25

Blush and green is another favourite colour combo and we loved this glassware from the INTAGANDE range. INTAGANDE Glassware from £1.25.

So this wire display frame may have accidentally slipped into the trolly (couldn’t resist!). We also loved these bell jars which come with either wooden or brass bases and in two different sizes! MYRHEDEN wire frame, £12 | Glass dome bell jars from £6.95.

daidai-plant-pot-brass-colour__0522768_pe643438_s4These brass plant pots also made it into the trolly and we almost came home with a car full of plants but managed to stop ourselves…

Have you been to IKEA recently and made any great purchases? Or even put together your own wishlist? Let us know! 

Becca & Kate


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