David’s Tea…

Whilst Kate was on her travels she simply couldn’t resist a trip (or two…) the well known David’s Tea who have remained pretty elusive to us here at Bugs & Birds due to not shipping outside the U.S and Canada. It goes without saying that Becca wasn’t prepared to let Kate back into the country without a selection of teas for us to try and of course, share our thoughts with you! Luckily despite customs thinking there was something suspicious packaged away in the bags of tea they let the tea into the country without making any arrests or drinking it all!

The selection at David’s Tea was pretty overwhelming, and after much deliberation Kate managed to limit herself with five blends to bring home for sampling…

Davids TeaRainbow Sherbet 

Ingredients; apple, pineapple, orange peel, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, cornflower petals, raspberries.

It’s in the name really, how could you resist a tea with rainbow AND sherbet in the title?! Starting the day with a mint green tea and then following this with a coffee shortly after means a caffeine free blend is usually our mid-morning tea of choice. For this exact reason it is always good to have an arsenal of Caffeine free tea blends and this is something that is our radar whenever we are tea shopping. This tea also ticks the mid-morning sugar craving box too with its subtle sweetness. The apple and orange really shine through in this delicate blend, with the slight tang of the hibiscus and a lovely freshness lingering at the end of each mouthful. The smell of this blend is very reminiscent of sweet fruity sherbet and if it is a bold punchy fruity tea you are after this is probably not for you, this is a more of a subtle tea that teases your taste-buds.


Davids TeaSerenity Now

Ingredients; currents, rosehip, lavender, spearmint,blueberry, quince, apple, hibiscus, rose petals,strawberry, rosewater and strawberry flavourings.

Another caffeine free blend, this is quite an unusual tea with multiple dimensions, the hibiscus, quince and rosehip provide a tartness which is softened with the currents and berry flavourings, it almost has a rhubarb taste to it. The addition of spearmint and lavender to the blend gives an almost alcoholic or medicinal twang to it without being overpowering, this comes across as almost soothing and would be lovely served piping hot with a spoonful of honey stirred in.


Davids Tea

Rose All Day

Ingredients; apple, sultanas, hibiscus, elderberries, red currants, blue mallow flower, blueberries, black currants, artificial wine flavouring.

Fruity and tart this blend is delicious warm but really comes into its own when cold-brewed strong and served over copious amounts of ice. The tartness from the hibiscus and wine flavouring can almost fool you into thinking you might be drinking a fruity rose.


Davids TeaMint Chip Sundae

Ingredients; cacao nibs, green tea, peppermint, white chocolate, cocoa powder, stevia extract.

This decadent blend is a perfect low calorie after dinner mint replacement. Cacao nibs, white chocolate and cocoa powder let you know for sure that you are drinking a chocolate based tea. The peppermint is unapologetically strong on the palate leaving you mint minty fresh breathe and giving you a zingy wake up call to save you from any after meal sleepy slumps! This blend is delicious hot or cold and we are itching to incorporate this blend into some sort of pudding!


Davids TeaBuddha’s Blend

Ingredients; white tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms.

We often find jasmine teas can come across very subtle in flavour and worried that the delicate ingredients in this tea paired with a green tea might get lost. This is not the case at all, the jasmine sings through this blend loud and clear with a hint of fruitiness hitting the palate that leaves you convinced there is some sort of berry in this blend although the ingredients list says otherwise.

Davids Tea


David’s Tea really was a tea-lovers heaven, with tea infused everything from mints and chocolate to lip balm. Their selection of coldbrew bottles, drinks flasks and teaware was also vast and it probably is a good job they don’t yet ship to the UK as our bank balances might take a hit!


As most of you are aware, we love sampling new tea’s, why not let us know in the comments section below what your favourite brew is so we can have a try or tag us over on Instagram in a picture of your favourite cuppa!


Kate & Becca


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