Escape to the country

Weekend Wanders; Escape to the country..

My husband and I just came back from a few days away in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Berkshire, I know we just got back from our roadtrip down the Californian coast but having a husband that runs his own business means to have some time off together that is actually time off we have to remove ourselves from the temptation of emails or projects around the house.

We found this little Annex on AirBnb, it met all our criteria of a self-contained property, with a private garden that backed onto a lake, our favourite feature about this place was that it was dog friendly so our four-legged friends could come with us! In the listing the Annex was described as quite secluded, a country pub and shop for essentials was nearby but we decided we literally wanted somewhere we wouldn’t want to leave so packed a selection of books, games, I put my husband in charge of music and we packed food for a couple of days.

It was so lovely just having a few days of with nothing to do but local walks and playing cards and board games! The dogs got to meet chickens for the first time which was pretty hilarious and Bob got the hump over me feeding the ducks instead of him!

I think next year we will book a cottage somewhere along the south coast of England or Wales for a week or so to get away with the dogs, have you been anywhere nice recently? I’d love to hear your recommendations for good places to stay!

Kate x



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