Weekend Wanders: High Beeches Gardens

High Beeches, Botanical Garden, Sussex.

With the British summer being so unpredictable on the days where it has been dry and sunny (when I haven’t been working!) I have found myself dashing out to my garden-jungle to desperately try and restore some order. A couple of weeks ago I found myself on a rare Saturday at a loose end and so decided to explore some local gardens for some inspiration for mine. High Beeches is local to where I live but I had actually never been there before, my visit was prompted by a friend talking about how beautiful the Willow Gentians are and they just happened to be in bloom at the moment.

With 27 acres of woodland, wildflower meadows and water gardens High Beeches has an abundance of weird and wonderful plants dotted throughout. With it being tucked away and possibly not as popular as nearby National Trust Gardens Wakehurst and Nymans, I felt like I had the entire garden to myself and didn’t see another soul as I wandered around, this truly is a botanical sanctuary.

The colour of the Heather was so beautiful and the Hydrangeas were show stopping. There were a load of wild rabbits bouncing around the woodland but unfortunately I scared them off before I could capture them on camera.

A return trip early next summer is definitely on the cards to see the wild flower meadows at their peak, especially as conservation charity; Plant Life has named High Beeches one of the top 7 places to see wild flowers.

I am often astounded by the places that are right under our noses that we don’t know about, have you discovered any new places recently?

Kate x



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