Bluebird tea co tipple trio

Bluebird tea co; tea tipples trio

Today Bluebird Tea Co launched their new collection of tea blends… The Tea Tipples Trio! This limited edition trio is reminiscent of our favourite summery cocktails, drink hot or cold as mocktails or go ahead and add a cheeky shot or two to take these cheeky summer blends to the next level!

Bramble Ramble

You’ve gotta love a quintessential British cocktail and anything that captures the flavours of a summer woodland is on our top tipple list. This brew is reminiscent of blackberry picking and provides a sweet yet sour kick. The liquorice adds a sweetness that when cold-brewed and paired with gin will be perfect for a summer evening. Just be careful to watch the brew time on this – too long and it’s sour and too short you won’t taste the best flavours.

G + Tea

If you know us then you’ll know we love a good Gin and tonic. This blend manages to mimic the taste of our favourite drink to a ‘tea’ with hints of mint, lemon and cucumber. The juniper berries add the gin flavourings and this would be brilliant coldbrewed with fizzy water for a perfect non-alcoholic treat you could even drink at work!

Raspberry Russian

A very pretty roobois based blend, this one smells and tastes incredible. Β Recommended to be taken iced with milk, this is a perfect summer alternative to the standard White Russian. We can’t wait to try this with some alcohol and will be infusing some in time for our next cocktail party!

Let us know if you try any of these, we’re looking forward to trying out some summer recipes!

Kate & Becca

*Remember you can get 20% off your first Bluebird tea order using code bugteabird54*


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