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In the spotlight – Alfred Tea

Regular readers or those of you that follow us on Instagram will be aware that I have just been on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway… (I will share the details in a separate post soon once I have sorted through the 1500 photos I took!!). As we are a little bit mad on tea here at Bugs & Birds I simply couldn’t resist sharing with you my visit to Alfred Tea whilst in Los Angeles…

Alfred Tea seems to have been created with photo opportunities in mind, it’s a pretty smart marketing strategy isn’t it? If you make something so ridiculously photogenic your visitors will do your advertising for you! Alfred Tea came after Alfred Coffee – (Also very very pretty, but not tea-focused enough for my liking!) and was brought to life when the company’s owner saw that a tearoom could succeed as a stand alone business in a coffee dominated country like America.

The tea blends to buy may have been not as extensive as somewhere like Davids Tea but this is first and foremost a tea room and the menu did not disappoint. Options of hot tea, matcha tea, boba milk tea and tea available on tap were sprawled in perfect writing across the perfect pink tiles. After what probably felt to my husband like ages deliberating I finally opted for Alfred Tea’s Pink Drink which was recommended by the staff and was delicious. The very Instagramable ‘Pink Drink’ is a blend of organic strawberry, pomegranate and beetroot blended with vanilla, a touch of cinnamon, and almond milk muddled with ice and with the additional option of tapioca pearls. Yum.

Alfred Tea had a select choice of beautifully designed (and very on brand)  cups, drinks flasks, candles and tote bags. I had hoped to come away with some tea but instead I couldn’t resist settling for some tea and cactus pins!

alfred tea


I was quite surprised Alfred Tea didn’t have a larger selection of loose leaf tea to buy, they could make a killing if they venture into the loose leaf tea market. I would have loved to have tried several of the teas available but being on the move I didn’t get a chance to go back. We are always on the look out for new tea hotspots and would love to know what are your top tea rooms?!

Kate x



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