Vegan Matcha and Chai Battenberg

Vegan Ginger Matcha Battenberg

We cannot resist a bit of battenberg, delicious light sponge with sweet jam and then a thick layer of irresistible marzipan. Yum! With Kate having a dinner party planned we decided it was about time we had a go at making this tasty cake ourselves and adding our own tea flavoured twist to it, when Bluebird Tea Company sent us some Gingernut Matcha in our monthly Tea Rep box we knew we had to incorporate this!


Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix x 1, ready to roll marzipan. apricot jam, Bluebird Tea Co. Gingernut Matcha, Bluebird Tea Co. Gingerbread Chai Tea, 300mls lemonade and loaf tins x 2.


  1. Line and grease your cake tins. Preheat your oven to 180 degree Celsius.
  2. Steep 4 teaspoons of Gingerbread Chai tea in 30mls of just boiled water for 5 minutes, then strain and add to 120mls of lemonade.
  3. Whisk 3 teaspoons of Gingernut Matcha into 30mls of lemonade, once thoroughly mixed add a further 120mls of lemonade.
  4. Halve the cake mixture into two bowls. Mixing each tea in with one cake mix so you have a rooibos mix and a matcha mix.
  5. Once thoroughly mixed place each mixture in a cake tin.
  6. Bake for approx 25 minutes – until a knife comes out of the cake clean and with no mix residue on it.
  7. Allow the sponges to cool.
  8. Once the sponges are totally cooled cut place the two sponges on top of each other, you can trim the edges if they are a little uneven or leave them for a more rustic look!
  9. Cut the sponges in half lengthways to create four long rectangles.
  10. Separate the sponges and cover them with the apricot jam, reassembling the sponges so you have a checkerboard effect.
  11. Set your cake to the side so you can prepare the marzipan.
  12. Dust a surface with icing surgar and roll out your marzipan in a rectangular shape to the desired thickness, we aimed for 2-3mm.
  13. Ensure your marzipan is the right size to fit around your cake and trim any excess.
  14. Cover the marzipan with a thin layer of apricot jam.
  15. Place your cake in the centre of the marzipan and wrap it around the sponge, pop some extra jam where the marzipan overlaps to help it seal, this will be the bottom of your cake.
  16. You can decorate your cake with any off-cuts of marzipan and lightly dust with icing sugar.
  17. Enjoy!

This battenberg was beautifully light, the recipe is easily adaptable to any tea flavour but the addition of ginger flavoured teas added a slightly spicy note to the cake which Kates dinner guests loved served with a helping of icecream. Enjoy with a cup of matcha or gingerbread chai!

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