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House plant pics inspo

Here at Bugs & Birds alot of obsessing goes on… Tea … Beautiful Stationary… Amazing Print Fabric… Unique Jewellery… Tea… Probably after tea the most popular thing is plants. We have a crippling weakness for houseplants. It started with some little succulents which then escalated to every type of houseplant under the sun (apart from orchids – Kate is an official Orchid Serial-Killer).

Kate: I thought I would show you a little insight into my plant obsession starting with a few behind the scenes pics of my favourite plant babes and my top home plant inspiration from Pinterest!

This picture shows probably one of my favourite windowsills in the house – being home to a baby cheese plant, pilea, terarrium full of succa babies and prickly pear plus my pup Emma (Emma doesn’t sit there all the time, just when on guard dog duty!) I love these little hanging terrariums too – they are currently home to some little baby succulents.

Some more snapshots of a few more of my favourite plants, a huge Calathea, a rather large Fishbone Cactus and in the centre photo a succulent I recently beheaded which has rooted again and is the most beautiful colour at the moment!

There is something so wild and whimsical about having plants taking over your home… these are definite conservatory goals, training a climber up some string in a unique pattern can give a little more tamed effect too!

Light walls, white shelves and lots of beautiful green plants…. this is pretty much my idea of house heaven!…

I simply adore this little water lily in a bowl it is so delicate and beautiful! The heart shaped Hoya is such an unusual and quirky plant – I have a leaf from one of these plants which I’ve been willing to grow like this since valentines 2016, with no luck (boo!).

I love the unique dimension plants can bring to a home, having actual living things as decor can help create a warmer and more relaxed environment plus they purify the air (science has proved it!). I hope you have enjoyed having a little insight into my plant obsession, apart from my own photos all pictures were found on Pinterest and you can follow our Pinterest board Plants and Flora to keep up to date with all the amazing plants we are lusting over!

If anyone has any tips on getting a heart shaped Hoya to sprout – please let me know!





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