Cocktail ParTEA: Pink Grapefruit Gin & rose lemonade

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing a series of recipes from our Cocktail ParTEA. Our third cocktail is made using Bluebird Tea Co’s Pink Grapefruit tea (which was unfortunately limited edition and no longer available). This was one of those teas we initially didn’t know what to do with, but after trying the blend, we realised what a great cold-brew it would be especially when you cold-brew it with gin! We thought tonic would be too bitter to pair with the grapefruit so instead we cold-brewed rose tea with lemonade for a bit of sweetness.


To make this you will need:

  • Gin
  • Pink grapefruit tea (if you missed out why not try Bluebird Tea Co’s Just Add Gin tea cocktail kit)
  • Lemonade infused with rose tea or you can use store-bought rose lemonade if you’re feeling lazy.
  • Ice
  • Fruit and Garnish (foliage)



*Infuse your gin with the tea, we used 6 teaspoons of tea to 30cl of gin as we wanted the flavour to shine and infused this for over 24 hours. For the rose lemonade, we cold brewed a spoonful of rose tea buds with sugar free lemonade for over 24 hours in the fridge.

Pour 25ml of flavoured gin into a tumbler over ice and top up with rose lemonade. Garnish with fruit and a straw for good measure and enjoy!

Thanks again to our girl gang for being our guinea-pigs and let us know if you give this cocktail a try! Keep an eye out for the last of our tea cocktail recipes coming soon…

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