The five best things about being on holiday…

Having recently returned from a beach holiday in La Pineda, Spain where pretty much all we did was sit on the beach and gorge ourselves on the food in the restaurant, I’ve been thinking about how to turn this all into a blog post. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things about being on holiday, because when you’re away from home you have a proper chance to relax and do things differently…

1. The flight there and back

The husband will disagree with this one, but there is something I love about flying and always have. Not the queues at the airport, nor having to lug an overstuffed carry on bag around, but the thrill of the take off and landing, the places you can see from the air (I’m always looking up flight paths when I get home to discover which mountain we flew over or what crystal clear lake that was). When flying to nearby Europe, its only a couple of hours and then you’re landing again and you’re on holiday (or you’ve just got home… I know which I prefer).

2. Being able to eat donuts for breakfast

Donuts for BreakfastThis, among other things, is one of my favourite things about being on holiday. Being able to eat whatever you like, and trying new local cuisine. Our hotel this time was full board so we ate from their buffet most meals and this meant a three course breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also found an incredible veggie/vegan restaurant, El Vergel in Tarragona which I’d recommend to anyone – the food was insanely good.

3. Reading alllll day long

Reading a conjuring of light on the beach

I love a good book and being able to spend most of the day reading is pure pleasure for me, especially if I can do so on a hot and sunny beach. This holiday I read A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and started a couple of other things too.

4. Exploring new places

After a little faffing we managed to get the bus into the nearby town of Tarragona, which is full of medieval buildings, Roman ruins and interesting art! As mentioned above, we found an incredible restaurant, El Vergel and tried their three course menu (for only 14.50€) which was delicious. We also went to the Museum of Modern Art, which was a perfect sized collection from artists that had a link with the local area, including a huge tapestry by Miro. We spent most of the day wandering around before getting the bus back to La Pineda.

5. Sun, sea and sand

Having spent every summer at my grandparents house which backed straight onto a Kent beach, I’m a total beach obsessive, preferring to swim in the sea (however cold it is) to a pool. Even just lounging by the sea, listening to the waves rolling in I am entirely happy. I love city breaks, a few of my favourite locations being Helsinki and Stockholm, but give me a beach anywhere in the world and I’m happy.


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