Desert Island Teas

Have you ever been asked what would be the one item you would choose if you were stranded on a desert island? And if that answer were tea, what tea would you pick? Recently when considering our top holiday essentials we both realised that we cannot be without tea (who are we kidding – we knew this already!).  Well we have thought long and hard on this and here is our top selection of teas that we couldn’t be without stranded on a desert island…

First up has to be a good mint tea, this would be Botanical gardens by Birdhouse Tea Company, peppermint and spearmint blended with organic green tea make this blend beautifully sweet and refreshing.

Like a comfort blanket,  Yogi Tea’s Classic Chai is sure to get you out of any mood with its calming, warming and comforting effects. This Ayurvedic blend is our go-to chai and one we definitely wouldn’t leave off the list. Becca likes hers milky with extra cinnamon (of course!).

Bluebird Tea Company’s Dozy Girl – this blend of chamomile, rose and lavender is not just a tea its a whole incredible relaxing aromatherapy experience perfect for drinking just before bed!

As described on their website this Yumchaa Om Tea blend is “A heavenly brew that boosts concentration and perfectly harmonises mind and body”. Hot or iced this tea will sharpen the mind and help you to figure how to get off this damn island.

Bluebird Tea Company’s Mountain Air, this was a limited edition tea and sadly is not currently available. However Kate did manage to stock up on this before it disappeared out of the Bluebird warehouse for good. This delicious olive leaf, verbena and sage blend literally tastes like you are standing in a field of long green grass with a soft summer breeze running through your hair. If Bluebird bring this back we highly recommend getting your hands on some.

Let us know how you’d cope on a desert island and which blends you’d take along for the ride in the comments below.

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