Monthly Round-up: March

How is it April already?! Wasn’t it only just Christmas?! March has been a pretty productive month so we thought we’d recap what we have been up to on the blog and behind the scenes!

We became official Bluebird Tea Company Reps! This is really exciting for us, it means we get to be first in line to try their new teas, produce tea-recipes each month for Bluebird’s blog and offer YOU exclusive discounts! (20% off your first order with code bugteabird54)

March has seen us getting through copious amounts of tea with a subscription box from the True Tea Club which featured four beautiful teas to try…

Kate has been getting to grips with more photography, mainly using her trusty pups as subjects…

We have been discussing stress and how we cope in a series of posts and a DIY anti-stress air freshener

Becca booked a great (and hopefully legit) deal on a holiday in Spain, and after panic buying swimwear finally found a swimsuit she likes! Now just praying it wont rain…

We created some TEAriffic (if we say so ourselves) recipes including Vegan Pink Marmalade cake and some TEArrifying vegan Freak-shakes.

And Kate finished the month off by joining Betty Magazine for part of their second ‘Girls Club’ – read about it here.

And that’s March folks! We hope you had a great month and you have lots planned for April!

Bugs & Birds



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