Betty Magazine – The Girls Club

(Kate) At the weekend I joined Betty Magazine for part of their second ‘Girls Club’, a series of workshops all about getting like-minded ladies together in an environment where they can be themselves and celebrate it! For this event the ladies behind Betty commandeered a great little space at Hackney Walk and put their colourful spin on it ready for two days jam-packed with interesting workshops and talks.

Betty Magazine the girls club

I went along for the final part of the weekend – Make It Happen: Give Up Your Day Job, a talk aimed at individuals with a yearning to leave the daily grind and be their own boss. Hosted by the founders of Betty Magazine – Charlotte Jacklin and Charlotte Melling, we were joined by three hugely successful women who took the leap themselves and quit their day job to run their own creative businesses; Sara Tasker, Dolly Alderton and Emma Gannon (see below to find out more about these ladies).

The talk was incredibly inspiring, hearing from each of the ‘femmepreneurs‘ about how they started in their business, how they took the leap to self employment, mistakes they made along the way and key advice they would give their younger selves. I would like to share with you the three key things I took away from the afternoon. Firstly, they all gave some super advice on the importance of women supporting their peers and recognising and facing head on feelings of jealousy towards other successful women and there is room for us all to succeed, that because one of our peers are kicking ass doesn’t mean we can’t! Secondly; our careers are long, our goals don’t need to happen over night, we have time to make them happen. Thirdly, a successful business doesn’t necessarily mean one that lasts for the rest of your life, success can mean you ran a business for a couple of years and then moved on to the next thing that inspires you.

All the guests were greeted with a glass of bubbly and cute Sunjellies bag (which I will be using as my beach bag this summer)full of Betty goodies, including a glitter typography print by the talented Oh Squirrel, a delicious flower cookie and Girls Club notebook for writing all the important hints and tips we were about to get! The Betty annual was a welcome addition – it kept me occupied on the looong journey home (Thanks Betty Magazine!)!

About the guest panel…

Sara Tasker  of Me and Orla. You may remember Sara from the Inspiring Photography post we did a while back, I am totally still girl crushing on Sara and her phenomenal photography. I highly recommend checking out her podcasts too!

Dolly Alderton, a writer, journalist and director. Dolly has a book coming out next year and has a weekly podcast that I will most definitely be checking out!

Emma Gannon is in the process of writing her second book and has a regular podcast too. Her first book was selected by Amazon as Best Book Of The Month after it came out, it is definitely making its way to my ‘to read’ pile!

The Girl’s Club was a fantastic event, it is so refreshing to attend an event where like-minded people are there to skill share and network, i’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their future events…!

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