Vegan Tea Freak-Shakes


No really – so many calories but such yumminess!

We have been itching to make some freak-shakes and when we saw Bluebird Tea Co. had challenged their stores to create the ultimate tea freak-shakes we just had to put our own spin on them. We made two versions, both vegan, one with Peanut Butter + Banana tea and the other with Coconut Milk Oolong tea and you can find both recipes below! We used limited edition teas for these shakes but you can easily adapt them to your favourite tea and Bluebird Tea Co.’s chocolate blends would be perfect (although sadly not vegan).

Peanut Butter Banana Tea Freak-Shake.

Ingredients – Frozen banana, dairy free milk (We used almond milk), Peanut Butter Banana loose leaf tea, soya squirty cream, peanut butter, naughty bits to top!


  • Blend your frozen banana until it is of a smooth ‘nicecream’ consistency.
  • Warm 50mls milk, steep four teaspoons of tea for around four minutes.
  • Blend the tea infused milk along with another 150mls milk with the banana.
  • Pour in a glass.
  • Add squirty cream, peanut butter and some crunchy toppings for texture (like popcorn).
  • Enjoy!

Coconut Milk Oolong Tea Freak-Shake

Ingredients – Coconut frozen yogurt (We used Coconut Collaborative Snowconut Frozen Yogurt because its yum!), dairy free milk (We used almond milk), Coconut Milk Oolong tea, desiccated coconut, coconut slices, squirty soya cream, biscotti spread, more naughty bits to top!


  • Warm 50mls of milk and steep four teaspoons of tea in it for four minutes.
  • Blend a portion of the frozen yogurt with the tea steeped milk and another 150mls milk and a generous helping of desiccated coconut.
  • Pour in a glass.
  • Top with squirty cream, biscotti spread, more coconut and yummy crunchy bits for texture!
  • Enjoy!

These Tea Freakshakes were a totally indulgent treat and really fun to make. Our advice would be to let your creativity run wild and top them with whatever you fancy! Want to make your own? You can get 20% off your first order with Bluebird Tea Co. with code bugteabird54!

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