Bluebird tea co Spring tea

Bluebird Spring tea collection

If you follow us over on Instagram you will have probably seen the super exciting news that we were amongst 20 tea lovers chosen by Bluebird Tea Co. to join their communiTEA as official TEA REPS! Basically this means we will get to try lots of Bluebird’s scrummy teas, do lots more baking with them AND we have an exclusive discount code for YOU! (Use code BUGTEABIRDS54 for 20% off your first order)

We are excited to share with you two of the lovely teas from Bluebird’s not yet released spring collection, Purple Rain and Bears Like Marmalade. The new collection also contains Chocolate Digestives a black chocolatey tea with a biscuity base and White Choc Mint a white tea version of an after eight (these two are not yet suitable for vegans).

Purple Rain

giphyHaving had a conversation recently about how we really wanted someone to make a blend of Parma Violet tea, Bluebird Tea Co. read our minds (this was quite spooky) and sent us this tea! Made with a blend of black teas, mallow flowers and flavourings this blend is floral and sweet at the same time without being too overpowering. The taste is so reminiscent of Parma Violets it may be one to avoid if you’re not keen on the sweets! Purple Rain makes a lovely change from the Earl Grey flavours we’ve been sipping recently and gives us something new to drink on our afternoon tea break, with or without a slice of cake.

Bears Like Marmalade

So orangey! This blend is a tangy marmalade treat featuring orange peel, apple pieces, hibiscus, orange blossom, lemon peel and sumac berries (don’t worry we had to look up what they were too…). The refreshing citrus flavour is welcome after the winter months of sweet and spicy flavoured tea blends and works perfectly as a zingy accompaniment to a slice of toast to start the day.

Like what you see? Bluebird Tea Co.‘s spring collection hits the shelves this Sunday and don’t forget you can get 20% off your first order using code bugteabird54 at! We’re already planning recipes with these teas so keep your eyes peeled to see how we use them in the coming month and let us know what you think of these new blends.

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