Piacha Tea Review (Pt 2)

You may have seen our recent post reviewing some of Piacha’s tea blends; we had a trip to this lovely tea bar in October and we have only just got around to trying all the lovely one-cup tea samples we bought. This time around we are reviewing a trio of mint blend teas, as you may have noticed we love a bit of mint in our tea so we couldn’t resist sampling what Piacha have to offer.

Matcha Mint 

( £13.50 for 30g )

Earthy and smooth, with the flavour of mint coming through on the end of the palate. The matcha tastes almost herby, the addition of mint adding to the blend rather than overpowering it or trying to disguise it. This be a nice addition to a berry smoothie, not latte.



Mint & Mint

( £5.30 for 40g )

Really minty, surprise surprise! The spearmint flavours are much more powerful in this blend with the peppermint giving the blend a more rounded taste taking away the over-sweetness you can sometimes get from pure spearmint blends.


Moroccan Mint

( £6.40 for 70g )

Lovely and refreshing with the addition of green tea grounding the blend and giving it more body, the subtle flavour of rose can be easily overpowered by the green tea so watch your brewing times!


Out of this trio of mint tea blends the Moroccan Mint was our favourite. Have you tried any of Piacha’s blends?


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