Suki Tea Review

Suki Tea, an independent tea company with a strongly ethical ethos based in Belfast. We’ve been following this company since Becca came across their market stall in Belfast, but hadn’t got around to doing a full on taste-test so when Kate ordered some of their teas recently we jumped at the chance to pit them against each other. We are really  impressed by their variety of blends, there are lots of exciting combinations we haven’t seen elsewhere. Here are our thoughts on the four delicious blends we finally settled for…

Suki tea apple loves mintApple Loves Mint

80g for £4.20

Suki’s description of this tea is spot on – ‘Nostalgic like sweeties‘ – it really is! Lovely and appley – this blend isn’t as sweet as many other apple based teas we have tried in the past and we love that it doesn’t have that artificially sweetened taste that many other apple teas do – it let’s the apple flavours shine through. The papaya adds to the fruity taste but doesn’t overpower the base of mint which adds a really unusual twist to the whole blend. With some sprigs of fresh mint this would make a beautiful refreshing cold brew when the warmer days return!


White Tea Pear Suki Tea


White Tea Pear

50g for £5.80

A new blend from Suki Tea, this tea tastes as good as it looks. The combination of white tea and pear is delicate and beautifully refreshing whilst the addition of green tea creates a bit more body and the pineapple adds a lovely hint of sweetness.  We could see this being lovely cold brewed really strong and served as a cocktail with gin. Yum!


Suki Tea Spiced Cocoa-Chai

Spiced Cocoa Chai

100g for £7.65

Suki describe this blend as a ‘mellow’ and we would agree, this chai is smooth and comforting with the cocoa notes coming through the strongest. Becca is rather partial to a spicy chai but this blend suits Kate’s taste perfectly feeling rather indulgent with the strenth of the cocoa. The smoothness of this one would work well in a latte as a less naughty alternative to a hot chocolate. We are also itching to try baking with this blend so watch this space.


Suki Tea Nana Mint


Nana Mint

50g for £3.99

We wish the internet had smell capabilities because the smell of this tea is unbelievable, pure sweet spearmint! This tea is purely Spearmint leaf (hence the beautiful smell) which makes it sweeter than your typical peppermint tea. This tea is unapologetically simple which makes a refreshing change – literally. It may be a touch sweet for a first thing in the morning cuppa but makes a great guilt-free after-dinner brew that satisfies those sugar cravings.

We really enjoyed trying Suki tea’s blends and would love to hear your thoughts on what blends to try next!


Bugs & Birds

(Please note that all opinions are our own and we were not paid to do this review)

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