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Piacha Tea Review (Pt 1)

We had a trip to this lovely tea bar in October (you may remember our previous post on Piacha) and we have only just got around to trying all the lovely one-cup tea samples we bought. To start with Piacha’s one-cup samples are more like two cup samples (thumbs up) and are a great way of sampling a whole variety of their tea’s before buying a bigger pouch of the ones you love! 

Chamomile Citrus ( £5.30 for 30g ) This herbal tea is a blend of chamomile, lemon verbena, rose petals, lime leaves and lavender. Initially the fragrant lavender engulfs your senses quickly followed by the lifting zing taste of lemon and lime. The rose is beautifully delicate lingering at the back of your palate, this makes this blend refreshing rather than a heavily  floral tea.

Pine Needles White Tea ( £5.50 for 40g ) A beautifully earthy tea, Piacha have kept this blend simple and rightly so – we haven’t really come across white tea on its own before and after tasting this we aren’t sure why this is a fragrant and delicate tea, drinkable at any time. We think this would be beautiful as a cold brew with a couple of fresh mint leaves added.

Jasmine Green Tea ( £8.90 for 75g ) Delicate, mellow and floral jasmine dominates this green tea blend. The earthiness of the green tea compliments the smooth jasmine flavour with the sweet honey hints of jasmine singing at the end.

Choc Cinnamon Rooibos ( £7.60 for 75g ) The smell of the cinnamon in this tea won Becca over immediately however it isn’t a flavour at the forefront of this blend. The rooibos provides a lovely warm base with the chocolate keeping the blend indulgent and smooth to drink. A perfect post-dinner treat with some hot almond milk, a sprinkle of extra cinnamon on top and perhaps even some marshmallows!

Black and Cherry ( £7.60 for 75g ) We slightly over-brewed this one (we may have gotten distracted nattering) so the black tea went a little bitter, however the cherry in this was delightful, both in the smell and the taste. We will definitely try this again (and maybe not get distracted when brewing…)

We have some more of Piacha’s one-cup samples so stay tuned for more reviews soon! What are your top Piacha blends?

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