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Long dark evenings along with the cold spell that has been lingering over the south east of England has recently had us gravitating towards our cosy living rooms.  Under the safety of a blanket with a big cup of tea in our hands we have been finding some escape from this dreary time of year in some good series and books. We thought we would give you a rundown of the series that have been getting us through…

The Affair on Now TV 

The affair is an american drama now in its third season. We both started watching it at around the same time by coincidence and what we started out thinking would be a trashy easy watch drama has turned out to be a highly addictive dark and gripping series. Creators Levi and Treem have cleverly produced each episode going over the same events but from two perspectives, at first you wonder how this will work but trust us it does and it really makes you think about how these differing perceptions apply in real life.

The OA on Netflix

Having watched ‘Stranger Things’ in what was basically one sitting we were craving more of the same and The OA did not disappoint. This sci-fi mystery drama has a similar feel to that of a Stephen King novel and was full of plot twists aplenty, plus with only one series out you can binge watch this one as well without feeling too guilty…

The Killing

Becca’s just started watching the original Danish version of The Killing and is only halfway through series one at the moment but really enjoying it. It isn’t one you can necessarily binge watch, with 20 hour long episodes per series, unless you have plenty of spare time on your hands and no job to go to (also see: How I managed to watch every episode of True Blood in less than a month). It’s very tense and requires some concentration as unless you speak Danish, you’ll have to read subtitles but its very gripping and will leave you wanting to watch another episode…and another…

Taboo on BBC1 and IPlayer

Tom Hardy.

We were going to leave it there but thought those of you who may not be Tom Hardy fans (seriously who are you?) might need a little more to go on. For fans of Peaky Blinders, Taboo is about an adventurer (Tom Hardy) building his own shipping empire in the early 1800s. It also features voodoo magic, constant danger, some weird semi-incestuous relationships and, if that still leaves you wanting more, TEA.


What’s at the top of your watch list at the moment?

Bugs & Birds


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