In the spotlight -Bluebird tea co – blue raspberry

Bluebird Tea Company just launched their latest collection of tea just in time to help us beat our January blues and they have themed it along this line too! With the theme of ‘All things bright and beaTEAful‘ these teas are well and truly here to brighten our day.

Unfortunately due to January being a month that’s tough on bank accounts (see our money saving post here) we were only able to try out one tea from Bluebird’s new collection, after quite a bit of time deliberating Blue Raspberry was the winner (although all the tea’s smelt phenomenal)

Chinese Sencha Green Tea, Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers and Raspberry have been artfully blended together to create a cuppa that is beautifully delicate. Enjoy sipping with predominantly green tea coming through and then the sweetness of the raspberry and Blue butterfly pea lingering on your palate afterwards with almost a touch of fizz. This blend is delightfully refreshing after a month of mainly indulging in Christmas themed chai blends.

The powerful antioxident properties of the Blue Butterfly Pea flower is an added bonus and the bright blue colour never fails to make us smile (and slightly scared that it will turn our teeth blue!).  Add lemon to add some tartness and for a magical colour change! 

We are itching to get to Bluebird’s Brighton store to try ‘Unicorn Fizz’- the drink special made with this tea. What are your favourite tea’s from Bluebird Tea Company?

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