Inspirational Photographers

This year something we have both resolved to do is improve our photography. Writing this blog and sharing our antics with you guys on Instagram has inspired us to get more creative and wanting to produce beautiful photographs. Up until now the majority of our photos have been taken on our iPhones but now with Becca loaning a Nikon SLR from her brother and with Kate taking the plunge and purchasing an Olympus OM-D we are itching to ditch auto and get to grips with manual.

Our journey into learning more about photography is something we are planning to share with you along the way, but to start with we thought we would share with you the photographers that have been inspiring us.

To start with we want to stress that to take beautiful photographs you don’t have to switch to manual and you don’t even have to put down your phone. Iphonography is a huge thing now and we are constantly awestruck by the beauty of Sara Tasker of Me and Orla’s work.  Check out her blog for reams and reams of stunning photography and alot of amazing hints and tips!

Lucia Holm is an artist turned photographer Kate has followed since the days of Myspace when she was know as ‘Miss Lulu and the Teaspoon Shortage’. Years have gone by since then and her followers still remain captivated by her whimsical self portaits, add a long list of photography and directing of music videos for a variety of well know artists and you have one hugely talented lady.

Lobster and Swan is a blog written by Jeska Hearne, a stylist, writer, shop owner (The Future Kept) and photographer. Jeska’s photography has a sultry and mysterious air to it which we simply haven’t encountered anywhere else. Looking at her beautiful photos gives you a little glimpse into Jeska’s rustic and magical world.

Konsta Punkka is an unbelievable wildlife photographer, at only 22 years old we cant wait to see what else this young photographer has in store for us. We dont need to say any more – his work says it all…


We would love to hear who your favourite photographers are and if you have any top tips for us getting started on our photography journey!


Bugs and Birds


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