Goals for 2017

Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a lovely time over the festive period, we certainly took the time to relax and unwind for a few days!

New year is traditionally a time for reflection, looking forward to what the year ahead may bring and how we can positively influence that. This time last year we made some resolutions for the year ahead. New Years resolutions are renowned for their failures but set with good intentions we go back to making them year after year and looking back on our resolutions for 2016 we certainly have some failures but some successes too!

Kate: I epically failed to learn to crochet but not for want of trying – after several attempts at making a crochet plant pot I have now resolved to buying one! My jewellery business is building back up, rebranded, with an Etsy shop up and running and a new local stockist, I am excited to see where this year takes it! Be a better vegan was one resolution and after a lot of time spent judging myself and being hard on myself when my diet deviated I have learned that I need to adjust my expectations and bring in a bit of self acceptance. I have come to accept that I may not be a perfect vegan but I am predominantly following a plant based diet and every little makes a difference.

New resolutions:

  • Keep a Journal. This year I started keeping a journal, not a ‘daily must write in before bed’ journal but a little something to document thoughts, feelings, shining moments so that on darker days I can flick through and see a bit of light.
  • Reduce my refined sugars… I am a sugar addict and its time for me to take control and make healthier choices, I am excited to see how this change will effect my health and how I feel.
  • Be more open to change… Change is something I have struggled with the past year, I always thought I was ok with change but the certain things have happened in my life leaving me feeling out of control, unsure of what these changes mean in my life and to me as a person. After looking inwards I am trying to accept that things happen for a reason and change and the things it brings should be embraced.

Becca: 2016 was a year of huge change for me. I bought a project house with my husband at the start of the year, we had to put a new kitchen in before we could move in and lay entirely new flooring throughout the house. I was made redundant in April, started working freelance and then took on a part-time role which was a huge change for me. I was determined to Buy less and make more. I definitely achieved both of these although not necessarily in the way I was expecting. A change in salary left me with less money to spend (aka. waste) on clothes and I also learnt something new,  learning to tile my kitchen and I also learnt wood turning thanks to my wonderful husband – I managed to turn a wooden handle for a bottle opener for a Secret Santa present. I felt like I haven’t quite had the creative year I hoped for and hope that next year there will be baking, creating and more time to enjoy making things!

New resolutions:

  • Travel more… it doesn’t have to be abroad, I just want to spend more time by the sea, more time in new places, or with far away friends. I was lucky enough to go to Stockholm in 2016 and spent my birthday with my best friends in the most beautiful location. Here’s to more of that in 2017!
  • Get my lifestyle back on track. I started 2016 working out three days a week, getting my hair done regularly and eating healthily. When my work circumstances changed I had to give up my personal training and the little things I used to do to spoil myself. I also deviated from my healthy eating. I suffer from chronic pain and my lifestyle really affects my pain levels and I want to begin 2017 as a clean slate. Taking up Pilates again and looking after myself a bit more.
  • Finish the house! The husband and I ran out of steam at the end of 2016 and although it’s liveable, we still need to do little bits and pieces like plastering ceilings (horrible job!) and finishing off painting, skirting and wallpapering.

What are your goals for this coming year? Did you manage to stick to last years resolutions?

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