Trying Christmas Tea Blends

The Christmas tea blends we’ve been drinking

Every year we are super excited to see tea brands bringing out Christmas ranges as we love anything with cinnamon, spice and all the other things that remind you of Christmas in. To be honest, Becca wont really drink or eat anything without cinnamon in, so this time of year is perfect. We’re always keen to try new brands we haven’t had before and it seems like this year has been the year of tea with so many new companies setting up and bringing out incredible ranges of tea flavours and with them a huge range of Christmas flavours. These Christmas teas are the ones we’ve been trying this month….

Trying Christmas Tea Blends

Birdhouse tea company – Noel Chocolate Orange

This chocolate orange rooibos hits you before you take it out of the box it came through the letterbox in. This really is like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a cup and the best choc-orange tea blend we’ve tried – just writing about it is making us crave a cuppa!

Bluebird Tea Co. – Mulled Wine

Of course we love all Bluebird’s Christmas blends but we blogged about their range last year (you can read that post here) and although they’ve changed a couple of the blends (have you tried Sugar Plum? – yum!) we thought we’d try and feature some lesser known brands that we’ve not necessarily tried before. We have however been drinking their Mulled Wine tea (having stockpiled it last year) and we have a little bit left still. It’s a good fruit blend, with lots of citrus notes and the hibiscus adds a nice edge to it. You can always heat it with red wine and a cinnamon stick to spice it up a bit. This year they’re doing Mulled Cider Christmas tea instead which has an apple base and is delish!

Proper Tea Co. – Christmas Tea

We came across this company at a Christmas fair and made a beeline for their Christmas blend as soon as we saw it. You can really taste the ginger adding a bit of spice and it’s a really nice sweet and spicy black tea that we’ve happily drink all year round.  We love this companies packaging and their prices are really good so we’re looking forward to trying more of Proper Tea Co.’s blends in the new year.

OTea – Christmas blends

Having never come across OTea before, we were excited to see their (currently on sale) Christmas Tea range! We couldn’t just try one so brought three of the flavours which they sell in individually packaged sample teabags. When the boxes turned up, they were so cute Becca has been decorating her tree with them!

One of our new favourite flavour combinations is green tea with cinnamon and Christmas Cookie was a refreshing green tea with a lovely spice taste to it – perfect for those who want a festive green tea to drink on Christmas morning. Santa’s Helper was a deliciously warm and spicy black tea and one you could definitely drink all year round – it also makes a great tea-latte. Rooibos Christmas Delight does exactly as it says on the box – a delightful sweet and fruity rooibos blend which worked well with a dash of almond milk.

Chash Tea – Christmas Tea

Chash were kind enough to include a sample of their Christmas Tea blend when they sent us some of their teas for review. We’ve been saving it up to try until now and are not disappointed.  Described as a dark, indulgent cup of tea, spice, fruit and chocolate, it has strong flavours of cloves and a smoothness added by the chocolate and liquorice.  A good all round seasonal blend.

There are so many great Christmas blends out there, which ones are your favourite and what shall we try next?


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