Barbican Conservatory

Weekend Wanders… London Pt 2

Kate: In the first part of this post I filled you in on my husband and I’s tradition of staying in London for the London Drum Show each year, part of this tradition for us is finishing our Saturday off with a romantic meal out at….. Wholefoods! We first discovered Wholefoods in New York and as we stay at the Kensington Olympia Hilton the huge one in Kensington is right on the doorstep. We aren’t a couple for fancy meals so we love looking around Wholefoods at all the tasty snacks and then heading upstairs to unwind from a busy day over some food and a beer.

We love mooching around at all the amazing produce we don’t get at our local shops. The selection of tea’s leaves me having to be dragged away by my fed up husband once he loses patience! I was so excited to see Easy Teasy Tea’s  tea infused chocolate bars but was so cross with myself for forgetting to go back and purchasing them after dinner. 

We kicked off Sunday with a lay-in and a delicious brunch at Blue Corner Cafe. This quirky little cafe served the best soya latte and avacado on sourdough bread. If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping in for a bite to eat … if you can get a seat that is!

We spent the rest of Sunday aimlessly wandering in the autumn sunshine, ending up at Barbican Conservatory. If you have never been this place is simply amazing, floor to ceiling tropical plants (and the ceiling is very high!). Admission is free, but make sure you check open days as it is not always open to the public. Wandering around the Barbican alone was lovely – a jazz band were playing and there were lots of eye-catching art installations like the light installation one below.

Finding the cactus and succulent room upstairs felt like Christmas had come early, there were so many beautiful plants! The huge Burro’s tail was my favourite along with the huge string of pearls!

We love living so close to London and being able to visit easily whilst still living in the countryside, what are your top city spots?

Bugs & Birds


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