Weekend Wanders… London pt 1

Kate: Being a drummer, every year my husband simply has to attend London Drum Show, a chance to catch up with his drummer buddies, to geek out on the latest drum hardware and to attend masterclass after masterclass. The past three years I have graciously gone with him, finding enjoyment in seeing him in his natural habitat surrounded by noise and shiny cymbals. Unless you have experienced it yourself I find it hard to portray the level of noise at this show, if you forget your earplugs that’s it, you won’t survive and trust me earplugs only offer the faintest bit of solace. Last year the organisers of the show came up with a drummers ‘solution’ to the noise problem; a fifteen minute slot each hour where the attendees could make as much noise as they wanted and then the remaining fourty-five minutes should be noise at a sociable level.  The introduction of a foghorn was supposed to impose this new rule, in reality it just became more noise with foghorns on top.  This year I needed a break!


Not wanting to break from tradition of our weekend in London I signed up for a craft market on the Saturday – some of you may remember I make jewellery so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to start my Christmas trading. So on the Saturday morning whilst my husband headed off to the drum show I made my way to She’s Crafty at Hanbury hall, just off Brick lane.  (Stopping on the way to admire the street art around shoreditch and grab some treats at Dark Sugars)…


This was the first ever She’s crafty market. A market put together to celebrate female designer makers, the organisers vision is to create a skill-sharing collective of female artisans to help support and encourage each other. Unfortunately being the first She’s Crafty event there were some unforeseen bumps in the road – dreadful weather and marketing restrictions in the area and set by the venue rendered the market virtually invisible despite the organisers best attempts to get people in. This resulted in hardly any footfall through the market which was such a shame considering the quality of designer-makers present and with Hanbury hall being such a beautiful venue. 

All of the stalls were top quality but here are my top picks from the day… Vegetarian Taxidermy by Zoofold, simply stunning ceramics by Eva Radulova, unbelievably gorgeous chunky knitwear by Dressed In Colors and whimsical wreath art by Laura Rutherford. You can also check out my jewellery in my etsy shop.

I look forward to attending She’s Crafty’s future events, once the teething problems have been ironed out I think this will be a market not to be missed!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘Weekend Wanders’ post to see what Kate got up to for the rest of the weekend!

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