Zeena Line Drawing Class

Meet and Make at the V&A with Zeena Shah

Last week, we took a trip to London to the first in the V&A Museum’s Meet and Make series on Line Drawing with the lovely Zeena Shah (read about the screen printing workshop we attended with Zeena here). On the way to the V&A we walked past the Natural History Museum and couldn’t resist taking some photographs of the gorgeous carousel by the ice rink they have there over the winter.

We then walked over to the V&A and after some kerfuffle with us getting in (the security were rather overzealous…) we were directed along lots of corridors and up into the Art studios to begin the session (sneaking peaks at exhibitions on the way through).

We were greeted by the lovely Zeena who was smiley and friendly as ever! On each table there were different objects and artefacts (although not from the museum’s main collection…haha) each of which had different patterns to try and get our heads around. Zeena’s latest book – Scandinavia was also situated on each table for inspiration. Each guest was presented with a blank notebook and a selection of pens, pencils and graphite to experiment with.

We began by exploring the different marks we could make with each medium provided and then went on to drawing the first the outlines of our objects and then filling them with lines and patterns. Zeena was there encouraging us all along and it was good to be able to ask for her help if needed.

We moved around the tables so we could try and draw each of the objects provided, whilst we were given new challenges with pens, coloured chalk, oil pastels and eventually paper to use to create collage.

More  than anything it was really nice to spend and evening drawing with a glass of wine (refreshments provided) and have a good natter whilst doing so. We just loved meeting all the lovely people and letting our creative juices flow in a social environment!

It’s definitely worth checking out some of the other ‘Meet and Make‘ sessions they have on at the V&A and we’ll definitely be putting the upcoming dates in our diaries.

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