CHASH Review and Giveaway

CHASH, The Fine Tea Company spotted that we possibly have an obsession with tea and sent us some samples of their tea’s to try out and review for them. We, of course jumped at the chance to add some new blends to our well stocked tea collections and they’re very kindly offering you the same chance with a competition to win some of their teas of your own. Details on how to enter are at the bottom of this post…

“If Tea Makes Everything Better, Should’t We Be Drinking Better Tea?”

With a name originating from ‘chashitsu’ (Japanese for Tea Room), CHASH tea’s simple aim is to rediscover and showcase quality tea. CHASH has now spent 6 years carefully selecting the world’s finest tea and is served in bars and restaurants, cafes, pubs and delis, theaters and venues across the UK. 

Heart to Heart Flowering Tea – Flavours of strong and rich green tea hit the palate first and there are floral hints not unlike jasmine tea. We adored the theatrics of this tea and it would be great for a special occasion or after dinner show stopper.


Gardenia from Chash Tea

Gardinia – Green and white tea with fruit, we simply loved the addition of apricot to this blend, the light refreshing fruitiness was a delight. This is the first time we have encountered apricot in a tea, this would make a delicious iced tea or even sorbet in the height of summer.  Its safe to say this will be going in our permanent tea collections.



Vanilla Chai Chash Tea

Vanilla Chai – A lovely peppery spiced chai (with pink AND bruised pepper) with the smooth sweetness of vanilla softening the palate. We loved the authentic sweetness from the vanilla – not a hint of artificial sweeteners in sight! This would make a phenomenal latte.




Chash Tea Orange Rooibos


Orange Rooibos – This is a delicate rooibos with a warming citrus undertone. We think this would be a lovely addition to a spiced orange cake to make it that bit extra special. We have tried a variety of orange rooibos blends and this is definitely one of more delicate blends.




Organic Mint Spice – This is another first for us, a spiced mint blend. The crisp refreshing spearmint and the lemongrass is a lovely addition with gentle warming spices running through the blend. We are itching to try this over ice with a big glug of gin!

Organic Winter Spice – We were expecting a real winter warmer with this blend and don’t get us wrong it is but the freshness of the Aniseed, Sage Leaf and Fennel was a real surprise. This is a really unusual blend in a really good way.


We love it when companies are environmentally friendly and all CHASH’s tea pouches are made from biodegradable materials. The packaging is suitable for recycling and even satisfies the 4 requirements of the EEC Environmental Commission.

Want some tea of your own? Answer this question to be in for a chance to win a selection of CHASH teas and merchandise*… “What is your favourite tea moment?”

All you need to do is comment on the blog post (comments section below) with your answer, or on our Instagram post featuring their tea, like the photo (if you’re entering via social media) and make sure you’re following @bugsandbirds and CHASH on instagram, facebook or twitter (or all three!)

*** Competition Now Closed – thanks to everyone who entered! ***

*(pen, cotton bag and a large CHASH Cup for drinking your new favourite tea in)




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