Stockholm Adventures

If you’re following us on Instagram you may have noticed Becca recently went on a trip to Stockholm. Read her round-up below…

Having never been to Stockholm before I wasn’t really sure what to expect but had been told how amazing (but expensive!) it was by lots of people I was really excited to be heading there. I’ve a love for Nordic/Scandinavian culture and have spent some time in Finland previously (falling in love with Helsinki) but Stockholm was even better than expected, maybe even pushing Helsinki from my top City break destination….

The hubs and I, being aware of how expensive everything is, decided early on to shun public transport for walking everywhere and luckily Stockholm is a city you can definitely walk around. It’s so easy to orientate yourself with each island making up parts of the city you always can work out where you are once you’ve found a bridge over to another island.

We stayed in Södermalm, an area of Stockholm that is the up-and-coming ‘So-Fo’ and there were plenty of trendy shops, and places to explore. We had partly come to Stockholm to catch one of our favourite bands Cult of Luna play (we decided to see them in Stockholm rather than heading up to Leeds in the UK…) and the gig was amazing, the venue just a 10 minute walk from our Hotel. Södermalm was also home to Meatballs for the People, which with our love of meatballs we had to visit and we weren’t disappointed! Everyone was so friendly and despite trying to speak Swedish they very quickly gave us English menus (this happened pretty much everywhere we went).

We spent most of our time wandering around Gamla Stan or Old Town. With its beautiful historic buildings and best cinnamon buns I’ve ever tasted, we just kept coming back (it helped that we had to cross the island to get most places from our hotel!).

We visited the Palace and saw a royal wedding dress exhibition, went to Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art), The Nordic Museum all about Nordic culture and The Nobel Prize museum which was fascinating, containing items from each of the prize winners.

Finally I just wanted to mention how fantastic this Triposo app was throughout our visit. It helped us find our way about with offline maps that use GPS to find where you are so you don’t use any data. You can enter in places you want to see, build city walks that visit each of them and it shows you the best places for photo-opportunities and more. You can also see places to eat, drink and reviews, costs and recommendations from other visitors. They have loads of different destinations so it’s worth a look next time you’re travelling and the best bit is that it’s free!

Have any of you been to Stockholm before?

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