YumChaa – Tea Cafe Spotlight

Becca has been a long time fan of Yumchaa and working in London often visits their cafes when nearby. So recently during a trip to Camden to see some live music I (Kate) took the opportunity visit to YumChaa’s Camden Lock cafe, having heard Becca rave about Yumchaa but never actually having the chance to visit one of their premises. 

Visiting Camden is always full of nostalgia having frequented it so often as a teenager. This time around sitting outside Yumchaa’s teabar and soaking in the atmosphere was a totally different experience to that of my teen years!

Set overlooking Camden Lock and market this cosy tea bar is a great place to relax with a cuppa and a good book or simply enjoying a slice of one of their gorgeous cakes whilst people watching on the outside deck.

When arriving at Yumchaa’s Camden teabar you are greeted with their range of loose leaf tea set out in an old dresser, so as soon as you enter the tea bar you can get straight to business – exploring the different blends set out to smell in little teacups. Once you have decided on your choice of tea your attention is quickly be diverted to the mouthwatering array of cakes to the left – don’t even try to resist these!

Kate drank Wanderlust (350g for £17.30). A spicy green tea that embodies autumn with ingredients such as apple pieces, cinnamon and almond slices. This tea was perfect for drinking whilst sitting out watching the sunset, the earthyness of the green tea grounded the sweeter notes of this blend whilst the spices kept the evening chill at bay.

The Lemon and rasberry matcha cake was glorious! Light and fluffy with a zing of lemon running through it and the tartness of the raspberry jam preventing the cake being sickly sweet. The ginormous slice was impossible to eat in one sitting, but thats fine, we have no problem with doggy bags and indulging again later on!

We have always been astounded at the amount of tea you get in YumChaa’s pouches, their teas are not the cheapest to buy but the price reflects the quality of the tea and Yumchaa are definately not stingy with their portion sizes.

What’s your favourite Yumchaa blend?!

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