Weekend Wanders – birthday edition

This weekend we had a little getaway for one half of Bugs and Birds birthday with a lovely friend of ours. Two days filled with great company, beautiful sunsets, shooting stars, sunrises and breathtaking scenery… oh and lots of tea…

We started with an hour long drive to Bodiam Castle, first stopping for coffee at the cafe and then moving on to explore the ruins. We finished our exploring with a picnic on the castle grounds including cold brew tea and a random sky rainbow!

Next we moved onto our home for the night, a gorgeous little hut in Udimore.

Here we watched the sunset, made a fire (Becca did this with moral support!) then laid on the deck and saw shooting stars!

We drank pumpkin spiced lattes and gin and tea cocktails before heading to bed with just the sound of nearby owls to send us to sleep.


We woke before the sunrise hoping to catch some more shooting stars as this weekend was the height of the Orionids meteor shower but clouds allowed us a few more minutes in bed and instead we made a cup of tea, watched the sunrise as the clouds cleared and feasted on chai spiced banana bread.

We would highly recommend a stay at this beautiful hut if you are ever visiting East Sussex, the host was fantastic – popping by to make sure we had everything we needed and giving us some fresh supplies sourced from his nearby farm. (View from the hammock…)

After reluctantly checking out we headed on to Rye to explore the quaint town, stopping for coffee and a delicious smoothie at The Fig. There were so many gorgeous little independant stores including Merchant & Mills Drapers, we completely fell for their vintage inspired branding and their stunning range of fabrics.

Rye seems to be a town bursting with historical architecture and unusual doorways, here are a few of our favourites…

We stopped for a delicious lunch at a cafe called Edith’s House. This little cafe had the decor you could imagine a little old lady’s house would have, they served delicious homely food and Kent and Sussex loose leaf teas. Kate had a pot of spearmint tea whilst the birthday girl treated herself to an amazing Jamshake!

To finish off the our mini break we headed over to Herstmonceux Observatory which was holding an open evening, here we caught more shooting stars and learned about what is beyond they skies above us! Unfortunately we didnt get any photos of this as it was so dark, but we were thrilled to look through the gigantic telescopes and see the Ring Nebular and Uranus!

We hope you had a weekend just as magical as we have!

Bugs & Birds


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