Piacha tea bar

If you take a wander along Upper street in  Islington at number 180 you will find a gorgeous little tea bar named Piacha. The bar was set high for this tea bar having received quite a lot of attention being featured in Vogue, The Resident and having their own TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. All this they have only been open for a relatively short period of time.


First things first, we simply adored the decor of Piacha. The focus in the shop is on the variety of tea blends but and the decor compliments the branding with the colour scheme and the laid back, cozy vibe. Occasional design details catch your eye as you sip on your tea like the cacti adorning the windowsills and the back of the shop and the stunning light fixture framing the huge window at the store front filling the tea bar with light.

In their own words, Piacha created their Islington tea bar to “bring tea lovers some much needed pampering in the coffee-obsessed fast-paced city of London. […] beautiful, properly brewed big cups of tea are paired with cakes, truffles and tea infused sandwiches, and enjoyed in a smooth tea bar where you sink into a comfy orange armchair and listen to jazz“.  ‘Pu-erh’ tea-heaven.

Piacha may not offer as many tea blends as some of the tea bars we have visited, but believe us when we say it’s quality not quantity. We tried the Mate Choc Mint (£6.90 for 75g) which had a gorgeous earthy flavour with the Cacoa sweetening it but without an artificial taste. The mint notes shone through at the end of each sip and cleansed the palate. We also could not resist trying Rooibos Rhubarb Fudge (£7.60 for 75g) which was warming and fruity like rhubarb pie; perfect for the cold days coming in.

We also grabbed some lunch whilst we were there – Becca had a cinnamon bun the size of a small child and Kate had a houmous and herb sandwich, both of which were incredibly tasty (and yes a cinnamon bun is a perfectly reasonable lunch…).

Teas are offered in bulk size tins, handy sized pouches, tea postcards and generous one-cup size trial pouches. Among the tea blends, you can find carefully curated items dotted around including beautiful Aztec bags, tea cosies and stunning Japanese ceramic tea-ware.

If London isn’t on your doorstep, don’t panic – Piacha’s teas are all available online and whats more is they offer a tea subscription service so you can try new teas and keep topped up with your favourite blends.


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