Yoga Mat Bag DIY

Regular visitors to the blog and on our Instagram feed may have noticed in over time that we are both rather partial to a spot of yoga. Today Kate is going to show us how she made a bag to make transporting  her mat to classes more convenient.

Kate: For ages I’ve been chucking my mat in my car after classes and then dumping it on the floor when I get home, doing this regularly I started to see my mat get more ware and tear than it should have – especially as my dogs love to sit on it at home!  I (or fate) decided to make a bag for my yoga mat to help protect it from my heavy handedness and also from the elements come winter – no one likes savasana on a cold wet mat! I had been eyeing up a gorgeous Sweaty Betty mat bag but when it came to buying the bag it was out of stock and hasn’t been back on the website since (insert sad face here).

I’m relatively new to working with a sewing machine and with the most complex thing I’ve made being a pair of pyjama bottoms. To get to this stage of sewing I have methodically worked through Tilly and the Buttons Love At First Stitch book and luckily all the techniques needed for this bag have been covered by the sections of the book I have worked though. (I would highly recommend this book to anyone new to sewing).

After scouring trusty Pinterest I settled upon this fantastic free pattern on Pfaff’s website. This design features a drawstring closure, should strap for convenience and a pocket perfect for popping your gym card/ china gel / mat spray in. 

The pattern and the instructions were so easy to follow and required minimal ‘ingredients’. I managed to make mine entirely out of remnants of fabric and odds and ends i have laying around. The pattern does recommend using a vinyl fabric on the bottom section and pocket. This was something I did not do, opting to use some lightweight linen fabric. This was a mistake on my part and after the first use (traipsing around a yoga festival all day) the seams around the bottom of the bag were not standing the weight of my mat. This will be an easy enough fix – I will replace the fabric with a reinforced double lay pf fabric and reinforce the stitching too.

All in all I am really pleased with the look of this bag, it is comfortable to carry for a length of time, it sits compactly so you don’t bash people with it when passing them, my mat now goes neatly in my car boot without unravelling and it looks great! 

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