BRUU Tea Subscription review

Subscription boxes are available in abundance these days, beauty boxes, fruit and veg boxes even boxes full of goodies for your furry friends. Luckily for us there are also lots of tea subscription boxes out there too.

With the vast amount of different types of loose leaf teas it can be a bit of a minefield finding ones you like and trying new ones without committing to buying a huge amount of it. We’ve been looking at all the choices out there and will be trialing a few different tea subscriptions over the next few months. The first one we have tried is BRUU’s tea subscription box, the August selection drew inspiration from the Olympic hosting country – Brazil, consisting of three sample sized loose leaf teas with each packet containing enough tea for three cups.

Vietnam Op

Not being massive fans of black tea we were a little wary of this one, however the taste was warming with citrus notes adding a freshness to the blend. Becca normally drinks her black tea with milk but this worked well on its own and would taste lovely with a slice of cake.

Pina Colada Green

This was probably our favourite pick in the box. Coconut was the main flavour in this tea, coming through unapologetically    strong but tasted completely natural rather than the overpowering artificial sweetness some teas with flavourings have. The pineapple gives a fresh burst  and lingers on the palate. This tea is a good contender against The Tea House’s Sencha Pina Colada, we’ll be trying it as an iced tea before the summer is truly over!

Brazilian Blend

The Taste of mate dominated this blend, great if you’re a fan of mate tea but we’re not quite converts yet (never say never!). The fruity blend added a lovely sweetness to it and it would definitely be one to try as a cool iced tea and a slice of lemon (and maybe even some gin!).

These teas were a great introduction to BRUU, for £10 a month (free delivery) their subscription offers you three different teas each month and you can let them know what types of tea you like in advance. You can also cancel anytime so you aren’t tied in. Whilst we aren’t convinced any of these tea’s will be making it to our permanent tea collections we will be trying more of BRUU’s blends and that’s the benefit of a subscription service – you can try new things every month! To find out more visit BRUU’s website.

Bugs & Birds

(We were not paid in anyway to review these teas and all opinions are our own)


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