Weekend Wanders…

Living in the South East we are lucky enough to be near the coast and lots of lovely seaside towns. Over the weekend we took a road-trip to Hastings with some friends to explore Hastings Old Town, a part of the coast we hadn’t visited before. The area was bustling as we happened to time our trip with the town’s annual carnival which brings the area to life with pop-up performances, markets and exhibitions all over this part of town.

Old Town was full of quirky little shops, we stopped in several including Hare & Hawthorne, a little shop based in the old engineering works this little shop offers a beautiful selection of books, stationary and bespoke binding. Pop in to see the craftsmanship behind their beautiful binding in-store!

We also stopped in S Forrest, a beautiful shop bursting with dried herbs and flowers, the smell just walking into this shop was phenomenal. We highly recommend if you are nearby popping in and saying hi to the lovely owner whilst she puts together her delightful lavender pillows, teas and spices! If you check out the website please bear-in-mind it isn’t quite up and running yet!

We stopped for lunch at Hanushka Coffee House, a cafe lined floor to ceiling with books to flick through whilst refuelling. We could imagine hiding away in here for hours on a rainy day with a pot of one of their many loose leaf teas whilst losing ourselves in their old books. The food was delicious too and although they had nothing vegan on the menu the staff were happy to rustle Kate up a suitable and delicious salad.

Following ice cream on the beach (of course!) we took a wander through some of the residential lanes of Old Town and completely fell for the quirky old buildings and how creative many of the locals were with their front doorsteps …

Thank you to our lovely friend Laura for being such a knowledgeable tour guide and to Nyssa for being a naughty backseat driver! We love a good girly day out in the sun and hope you have spent yours enjoying this beautiful weather too!

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