Monthly round-up: July

This month has been a busy month for us on the blog and behind the scenes. With some free time on our hands, we have been able to doing some exploring, take some time out to relax and drink tea and trying lots of new things which we will be sharing with you in the near future!

We made… Spritz’s for keeping us centred and germ-free on our yoga mats just in time for attending Brighton Yoga Festival last weekend. We also baked Turkish Delight inspired cupcakes which were rather delicious even if we do say so ourselves!

We dreamed of… packing our bags for new adventures and we did some actual exploring with friends; going for a picnic whilst taking in a beautiful sunset up on the Sussex Downs.

We drank… Tea of course! With the summer finally arriving in the UK the past few weeks have largely been fuelled by cold brew tea and we fell hard for Starbucks Teavanas! We also reignited our love for marzipan trying some delicious marzipan teas.

We joined… Oh Comely and Blank Inside for an evening of exploring watercolours with a bunch of lovely ladies. We can’t wait to join Oh Comely for more of their events in the future!

With some free time on her hands Kate did some exploring of her own visiting the stunning Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Victoria Miro Gallery and the playful Jeff Koons Now exhibit at the Newport Street Gallery.

We are excited for what is ahead in august, we have lots of exciting things planned!

Remember you can follow what we are up to on the blog and behind the scenes on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest!

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