Marzipan Tea

It might not be quite the right time Of year but already we’re dreaming of Christmas (Only 20 or so weeks to go!), with all the wonderful sweets and cakes it brings. Marzipan is a Christmas treat that can be enjoyed all year round and when we came across these three teas featuring the almond based treat we couldn’t wait to try them. We sampled three different teas for this tasting, one from Yumchaa and two from the The Tea House. As we expected all three were delicious and here is the lowdown on them:


Marzipan (The Tea House)

£4.25 for 100g.

Originally brought as a Christmas treat this tea is the perfect mix with the sweet almond complimenting the sharpness of the black tea. We left it to brew for quite a long time and added milk which really brought out the flavours. It’s definitely one of Becca’s favourite black tea blends.


Rooibos Orange Marzipan (The Tea House)

£4.75 for 100g.

We love that people behind The Tea House are as crazy about marzipan tea as us and decided to make more than one blend! Rooibos is the perfect base for marzipan teas with it’s biscuity flavours complementing the nuttiness of the marzipan. This has become one of our top blends as it has the perfect mix of sweet and citrus as well as the benefits that come from the caffeine free Rooibos tea.


Marzipan Superfan. (YumChaa)

£5.00 for 100g. Ingredients: Red Cherry, Plum, Marzipan, Almond and Rooibos

Yumchaa’s marzipan blend (which no longer seems to be available!) tastes just like Cherry Bakewell Tart or Cherry drop sweets and it’s super fruity blend it really stands out. You do need to brew this tea for quite a while to bring out the flavours of the tea and marzipan out but it’s worth the wait.


These three teas are all very different offering delicious marzipan hits for a variety of tastes!

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